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Why Homeowners Should Invest in Carpet Cleaning

Today, there are DIY guides to every aspect of homelife—from recipes to home decor crafts and cleaning hacks. With all the resources to do it yourself, why should you invest in professional carpet cleaning?

Invest in Your Health

When you invest in professional carpet cleaning, you invest in your health and the health of your family members. Regular vacuuming will pick up dirt, dust, and other debris in your carpets and rugs, but it doesn’t get everything. Bacteria, mold and mildew, even dust mites can take up residence in your carpet and cause big problems for the respiratory health of you and your loved ones.


However, when you hire a professional carpet cleaning company like Shiny Carpet Cleaning, you’ll get a more complete clean. Our team uses green-certified products that are safe for children and pets, so you never have to worry about harmful chemicals stripping down your carpet or area rugs. Professional services also mean professional level equipment. Our equipment has more power and capabilities than any home device or DIY cleaning process, which means you’ll get a deeper and more thorough clean.


Our process begins with a thorough walkthrough of your home to assess the areas most in need, as well as to figure out whether any areas may need additional treatments. After the walkthrough is complete, our team sprays your carpets down with a green pre-conditioner solution that is safe for use around pets and children. The cleaning process includes a mild deodorizer which helps to remove odors from the carpet and a sanitizer to thoroughly clean all carpet fibers. Finally, we wash your carpets with hot water steam cleaning to remove all solutions. The high temperature and pressure from the water helps to extract any stains and odors from the carpet, leaving it looking brand new. One last inspection ensures that our team did their job and that your carpet is looking its best.


Keeping Up Appearances

Your carpet says a lot about your home. If guests walk into your home and see a carpet or area rug stained with sketchy spots and emitting strange smells, you may find yourself answering questions. Regular deep cleaning of your carpet only keeps strange smells from building up from spilled food or other odors, and can also improve the look and feel of your carpet.


Pets are a part of our family, but every pet owner knows that our furry friends can also leave messes. DIY spot treatments can only take you so far when it comes to the health of your carpet and your family. Our team can clean up after pet spots, deodorize odors left by stinky messes, and can even run treatments for fleas and ticks, leaving you with one less thing to worry about.


Improve your quality of life

Regular cleanings (at least once a year) improve the look and feel of your carpet while granting the health benefits of a clean home. Investing in a professional cleaning service to inspect, sanitize, and protect your home from dangerous mold, mildews, and bacteria will help prevent unwanted illness and keep your family happy and healthy.

At the end of the day, taking care of your carpet is an investment for your home. Regular cleaning helps to extend the life of your carpet, as well as protect the manufacturer's warranty—saving you from a greater cost in the long run. When your home’s carpet or rugs have been professionally cleaned, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you “missed a spot”. That’s been taken care of for you. With less time spent cleaning, you have more time for hobbies you love and the things you want to do.

Foot traffic can make the most accessed areas of your home dirtier than the eye may see. Our specialists will leave your carpet looking and smelling like new. Contact Shiny Carpet Cleaning today to request an appointment!