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New Years Resolution: Work More Productively From Home

Distractions are an unfortunate reality when one decides to work from home. Your home possesses so many forms of comfort, entertainment, and relaxation that it's difficult to stay away from these luxuries long enough to remain productive. Use this upcoming New Year's to make this year more productive.

Declutter Your Workspace

You can't focus on your work if your workspace is cluttered. A workspace that's filled with junk provides too many distractions for your mind and your eyes. Take the time to remove unnecessary items from around your workspace. The less clutter you have around your workspace, the more clearly you'll be able to think and the more productive you will be.

Create A Work Routine

It's so easy to put off starting your work when you're at home with your family, your pets, and your comfortable bed. Increasing your work productivity from home will require you to sharpen your self-discipline by creating a work routine. This work routine should be written down in a very visible place so that you see it at least once a day. Make sure your work routine is practical for your lifestyle and energy level. Don't ask too much of yourself or else you'll never start the new work routine due to intimidation.

Embrace Organization

You'll get more work done at home if you're not constantly wasting time looking for files, paperwork, office supplies, and other necessary work items. Spend a weekend of the new year organizing your workspace so that you can increase your productivity and streamline your work process.

Clean Your Work Area

Your mind is unable to focus on your work if your workspace is filthy. Dust and polish your desk, dust your keyboard and computer monitor, vacuum and clean your office carpet, and introduce a relaxing scented candle to improve any lingering smells.